Mother’s day

Tomorrow May 27th (the last a Sunday in May) is the day we celebrate all mothers here in Sweden 🇸🇪 Very often it is celebrated with flowers and a “fika” (coffee and cake, cinnamon rolls or cookies), and usually a nice lunch or dinner. The weather has been awesome for a couple of weeks now, so I guess many will have a nice BBQ. (By the way it’s been so warm and dry that there is a fire prohibition and the media are calling for water sanctions).

So, for tomorrow Happy Mother’s Day! 🌹

The fathers will be celebrated in November (the second Sunday, the 11th this year).


Spring / early summer 😎

It’s amazing, every year around this time (or a bit earlier) the birds have their babies and the trees come to life. The sun is shining and the air is warm. I just love it! The best thing is looking forward to the summer. Unfortunately during summer we tend to have long (almost never ending) lists with things to do, so we forget to enjoy the season we’ve been waiting for…

Autumn / Fall 🍂

Temperature is dropping and the leaves are turning yellow and red… Yea, summer 2017 is over. Mushroom season is at it’s peak and the moose hunt is right around the corner.

Last Sunday people voted in the church elections (since the church was a state church earlier the political parties are still engaged today), in the news they reported that there was a voting record set (the highest since 1950 something) 18%.