Rasberry cake

It should really have been a strawberry cake (typical summer cake), but I felt that rasberries and lemon worked better. (Besides, the strawberry season is almost over).

Anyhow… In Sweden cakes normally have three layers and the bottom filling is usually a thick custard, next filling is often jam, jam/whipped cream or sliced berries/whipped cream. On top of the cake (and on the side) is almost always whipped cream. No icing, as in many other countries. This makes the Swedish cakes taste very natural and you can taste the berries or fruit (in my opinion, have to admit I am a bit biased though) šŸ™‚

Sometimes cakes are covered with marzipan (usually green or pink).
Of course if you want to be very creative, and want your cake to look like a piece of art, you might have to use sugar paste…. (Not that it will improve the taste though)


Sponge cake recipe (sorry for the use of the metric system, but it is easy to thansform with some help from Google)
5 eggs
2 dl sugar
1 dl potato flour
1 dl wheat flour
3 tsp bakning soda

Beat the eggs and sugar very fluffyand fold in the rest of the ingredients (make sure to keep the fluffyness). Pour it into a tin. Bake in 175 degrees Celcius = 347 F for 45-50 min. (Test it so that it is not sticky inside). Remove it from the tin and let it cool. Cut the layers, fill it and decorate!
Good luck!


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