Blueberry pie


Pie is something most Swedes like to bake/eat in summer. Especially now when many types of berries are ripe. Today my cousin walked in with a pint of blueberries and asked if I could make a pie. Since I am fond of both blueberries and pie I said yes!!

The most common type of pie is crumble, it is also very easy to do. I didn’t want the ordinary crumble today so I used ground almonds instead of wheatflour, and added some oatflakes (to get a bit of crunch), vanilla sugar, butter and also a little bit of roasted oatflour.

The roasted oatflour is called “skrädmjöl” and is very special for the county “Värmland”, it is used in many different types of bread and cakes but the most famous thing with this flour must be the “nävgröt” (= fist porrige, because you ate it with your hand) or “Motti o fläsk” which basically is a lumpy (dry) porrige that you serve with unsmoked fried bacon and lingonberry jam (you also pour some of the frying fat over the food to make it less dry). Despite the sound of this the dish is actually really good.

And so was the pie I made! 🙂


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