My favourite way to cook moose steak

It takes a long time to roast it, but it is sooooo worth it!

The steak has to be frozen!!!
Turn the oven on 167 F and then put the frozen steak (you can do more than one at a time) on the rack, I also put something at the bottom of the oven to collect all the fluid.
After approximately three hours I insert my steak thermometer into the meat (if it is soft enough) then I wait many hours until it shows 140 F = the meat will be red / 158 F the meat will be pink / 167 F it is well done. At the end of the cooking time start with the next step (the seasoning). Mix 0,5L (approx. one pint) water, 15 crushed juniper berries, 1 dl (0,5 cup) salt and 2 tsp crushed black pepper. Boil it for three minutes let it cool a little. Take the steak out of the oven and put it into the salty fluid. (Make sure it is covered. Let it rest for 5 hours. DONE!!! Keep it in the fridge. Slice thin slices and serve cold with i.e. Potato gratin or put it in your sandwich.

As I started with, it takes some time, but it is well worth it!! Just try.

It can be done with any type of meat.
In Sweden it is called “Tjälknul” [tjaelknul] 🙂


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