Second of Advent

Only two candles to go and then it is Christmas!!!! In Sweden Christmas eve is the big thing, then the families gather and give each other gifts and eat far too much… 🙂

Today, the second of advent, is the perfect day for candy making. Here is the recipe for a very Swedish Christmas treat called “knäck” (a bit like a chewy toffee with bits of almonds, you can skip the almonds).

1 cup full cream
1 cup syrup
1 cup sugar

Mix the ingredients in a pan and heat it on the stove. Make sure the mixture boils gently for about 30 min. to one hour, but do not stir too much (in that case the end result will be like a sugary fudge and not smooth toffee). Chop a handful of almonds (more/less depending on how much you want), or buy finely chopped almonds.
The toffee mixture is finished when you can form a small ball from it after you have poured a teaspoon in a glass filled with cold water.
Put the chopped almonds in the mixture and give it a gentle stir.
Fill small paper moulds (I use a spoon to fill), and let the candy cool down and set.




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