Fourth of Advent (Tomorrow) :-)

A day filled with Christmas spirit, and baking šŸ˜‰
Today I’ve made gingerbread cookies and saffron buns (the type is called “lussekatt”, “lusse” comes from the Lucia celebration and “katt” is cat).
Lucia is celebrated the 13th of December and then a girl (usually with long hair) dresses up in a white dress (like a nightgown) with a red satin belt and on her head she has a crown with candles. (She is not alone, there’s a whole procession with people dressed in white and tinsel garlands, but only one Lucia, they sing and “bring light” to people). From this date and until Christmas saffron bread and gingerbread cookies are eaten (frequently).


1 cup melted butter
1 egg
50g yeast
2 cups full milk
0,5 tsp salt
1g saffron
1kg flour
Mix milk, butter and the yeast, add the egg and saffron. Work in the flour and add the salt after the dough has been worked for approximately ten minutes.
Prove it for about 30 minutes, cut the dough in 35-40 pieces make small rolls and form them in a curly S-like shape. Let them prove another 30 minutes. Put a raisin I each swirl and brush it with some lightly beaten egg. Bake in 437F approximately 5 minutes (until golden brown).

Enjoy with a glass of milk!!


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