Semla (Fat Tuesday bun)


This “Semla” is a typical Swedish pastry eaten from the start of January (but 20-30 years ago they started selling it just a couple of days before Fat Tuesday -17 Feb.) and traditionally made until Easter.

The dough to make the bun is very similar to the cinnamon rolls/buns, but with more cardamom and it is traditionally formed like a bun/bread and baked. Then you slice the top off and fill it with an almond paste (a bit like a soft crude marzipan) and whipped cream, then the top is put back on and as a final touch you sprinkle some icing sugar over. The filling is always the same, but this year many bakeries have tried to be innovative and tried the “Semla” in different shapes like i.e. wrap, hot dog bun, the real one always wins though.

At the moment I am in NY so I guess I have to pay the cafĂ© Fika a visit (even though I don’t think that all of their cookies and buns/rolls are very Swedish) and hope that they have a “Semla”. Or maybe IKEA will… 🙂