The Right of Public Access

In Sweden there is a special right for everyone to freely roam the forests, pick berries and mushrooms, and use the beaches. It is called “Allemansrätten” = The right of Public Access. 

It gives you the freedom to walk across fields and pastures as long as you don’t damage anything and close whatever gates you might open to get in. If there are cattle where you cross you are not to disturb them either. 

When out in the nature you have to make sure you don’t disturb too much,  if you make a fire don’t use living wood (use sticks from the ground if you don’t have fire wood with you). 

It is also allowed to camp For one night almost everywhere (not in people’s gardens though), then you can set  camp in another location and so on. Great way to spend your vacation!! 



There is something special about eating breakfast outdoors

Usually this time a year many outdoor breakfast have been consumed, but this year it has been raining, the wind has been blowing and the temperature never seems to want to cooperate with spring/summer.

So, today’s breakfast was the first outdoor breakfast this year. I celebrated the occasion with some leftover pie from yesterday’s buffet. Just listening to the birds singing their hearts out, enjoying the shining sun and slowly sipping my tea….. Mmmmm!!! 😎 

That’s the way I hope to spend the whole summer. ☀️



Midsummer 2015

 So far it hasn’t been raining but it’s not that warm. But it’s ok, we’re indoors (just going out for a walk to pick some flowers). 

A common game on midsummer is “Kubb”. You stand on opposite sides and have two rows of small logs standing in front of you. In the middle you have a bigger log called the king. The purpose of the game is to throw a stick and knock down your opponents small logs, and then the king before your opponent has done the same to you. 👑

And now it’s time for rhubarb pie and vanilla custard. 😉

Happy midsummer!!!

Hooray it’s time for “gravlax” again 😉

Tomorrow is Midsummer, and that means the alcohol store “Systembolaget” is packed with costumers today. Systembolaget is the only place you can buy beer, wine, hard liquor etc, in the grocery stores they sell beer and sometimes wine but only without or with very little alcohol. So the day before a holiday or celebration the place is filled to the rim. 🍷

Actually, the alcohol store is not the only crowded place today. The grocery stores are also pretty chaotic, people are parking everywhere outside and shopping like maniacs inside 😊 I haven’t even managed to muster the energy needed to do my grocery list yet. But soon I have no choice, the store will close at nine pm, and I (as well as all those others) have to get ready for tomorrow.

There are a few must haves when it comes to Midsummer food, lax (salmon) of all kinds is one of them. My favorite is either gravlax or cold smoked, can’t really decide and we always have both when we serve a buffet. I also like it when I get baked salmon (not with a crust, just fennel, carrots or something and a sauce).

Another important dish is pickled herring (on every holiday buffet), I  think the two most common flavores are onion and mustard. My two favorites are one with lemon and horseradish and one with dill and anchovies. The herring is served with potatoes (preferably this years early harvest), egg halves and maybe a sour cream sauce with chives.

Well I better get started on my list if I’m going to get som food tomorrow 😊

 And I have to get some more strawberries, that’s mandatory summer food!!! 

6th of June – National day!!

 A rainy 6th of June


Normally most Swedes don’t celebrate the national day in any specific way, actually many Swedes wouldn’t know why the national day is celebrated in the first place if you asked them… (It wasn’t even a bank holiday until 2005).

The national day is celebrated since 1893 in remembrance of king Gustav Vasa, who was crowned 1523 and to the system of government 1809. It was called “the day of the Swedish flag” until the day was officially renamed Sweden’s national day in 1983. – Now you know more than most Swedes 😉

The day is in some cities celebrated with live music in some park and there is a pastry you can buy in almost every cafe (it varies a bit from place to place, but often a with strawberries). I know many who like to get together with family and friends for a BBQ (if the weather allows) and/or just relax.

The first rhubarb pie 2015


Two work weeks left and then SUMMER!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait…. So I made a rhubarb crumble pie today, served it with sweetened condensed milk and custard. It was pure pleasure on a plate 😉

I put some chia seeds in the crumble and that worked well with the oat flakes and vanilla sugar. (It look very brown because I almost always sprinkle cinnamon on top).

Early but rainy summer and nettle soup

During late spring/ early summer (and I sometimes pick the tops later as well) one tasty soup ingredient is the nettle!

Got a message with a photo of nettle soup with bacon (apple smoked) and egg today.  

Photo: Jörgen Larsson

 I sometimes have poached eggs and creme fraiche with it, haven’t tried with bacon yet. But this made me really hungry. I think I’ll pick some nettles tomorrow, they are everywhere by now (even though May has been super rainy and actually quite cold, even for Sweden) 😉 between +9 C (48F) to +15 C (52F)

A simple nettle soup

Approximately 1 l (roughly 4 cups) of nettles (rinse and boil, drain and mix) add stock until you get the thickness you want. Season and put your chopped or poached eggs in (I usually poach my eggs in the soup) and serve with creme fraiche 

Bon appetite!!