6th of June – National day!!

 A rainy 6th of June


Normally most Swedes don’t celebrate the national day in any specific way, actually many Swedes wouldn’t know why the national day is celebrated in the first place if you asked them… (It wasn’t even a bank holiday until 2005).

The national day is celebrated since 1893 in remembrance of king Gustav Vasa, who was crowned 1523 and to the system of government 1809. It was called “the day of the Swedish flag” until the day was officially renamed Sweden’s national day in 1983. – Now you know more than most Swedes 😉

The day is in some cities celebrated with live music in some park and there is a pastry you can buy in almost every cafe (it varies a bit from place to place, but often a with strawberries). I know many who like to get together with family and friends for a BBQ (if the weather allows) and/or just relax.


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