Swedish flatbread “tunnbröd”

My grandmother’s recipe 

4,2 cups (1 l) milk

3,5 oz (100g) butter

1,8 oz (50g) yeast 

2-5 tbsp light brown syrup (depending how sweet you want the bread)

0,5 tbsp salt

2/4 cup oatmeal 

0,6 oz (17g) hartshorn salt (powdered ammonium carbonate) / can be exchanged for baking soda the same amount or double the amount with baking powder)

35,2 oz (1 kg) sifted rye flour (add some and then stir then add some more etc.)

I don’t like to but you can always spice the bread a bit with cumin.

Heat milk, butter, syrup and salt to 98F (almost 37 C). Stir the yeast in and then add the oatmeal and the hartshorn salt, start adding the rye flour.

Let it rise for a while (at least 40 min), then pour the dough onto a table and work some wheat flour into the dough. Don’t overwork it! Divide the dough into the amount of flatbreads you want (all depending on size).

Roll them out (preferably with a striped rolling pin) about 0,04 inches (3 mm), and then pick them with a fork, bread pick (or the type of rolling pin with picks or squares on). This will prevent them from “poofing”.

You can bake them in the oven for a short while or on the grill (preferably on a pizza stone). If you want soft bread just until you get small bubbles and it’s still white but not raw, if you want hard bread let it bake a little bit longer. It bakes really fast so it’s easier if you are two, one doing the rolling and one in charge of the baking 😊

Enjoy with some butter or the spread of your choice. (You can freeze the soft bread, just make sure it thaws slowly and the hard can be stored for a long time in a breadbox).


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