The perfect cheese pie side for the crayfish/crawfish party

As I’ve mentioned before, mid August means crayfish/crawfish season in Sweden. And last year about that time I wrote how to prepare the star of those parties (the crayfish/crawfish). Now it’s time for one very common side dish the “Västerbotten” cheese pie. It can be done with any type of strong hard cheese, but here Västerbotten is preferred. 🎉

Make a pie crust (not sweetened) and bake it (if you make very small pies you can take a shortcut by using puff paste).

Grate the cheese (approx. 1 + 1/3 cup) mix it with 6 eggs, 1+1/2 cup milk, 1 cup full cream (the milk and cream should be brought Tova boil and then put the cheese in and at the end the eggs) and season it with pepper and maybe some salt.

Bake the pie 45 minutes in 302 F

I also like to fry some leek and sprinkle over or put in the pie or sprinkle chives on top.

Other great sides are mushroom pies, salads, cold sour cream sauces and garlic bread.


Black currant leaf lemonade 🍃

Put 13 cups of fresh black currant leafs in a big bowl (or small bucket) add 2 tbsp citric acid 4 lbs sugar and 12 cups of boiling water 3 sliced lemons (if you want some color also add 2-4 cups of black currants). 

Stir well so the sugar is dissolved and let it rest in a cool place (make sure the lemons are covered) for three days. 

Pour it into bottles or small plastic bags and store in the freezer. When you want to drink it just take one out and let it melt then dilute it with water. Some like just a hint others want their lemonade stronger 😀