More milk

As I've written before, Swedes drink a lot of milk (and also eat a lot of dairy products and a lot of food based on milk). When it comes to how much Sweden comes in fourth place (after Finland, Ireland and Iceland), with its 89,4 liters milk and 20 kilograms cheese per person and year (2013) according to Norrmejerier, LRF.

Eurovision night 🎼🎶🎉

(Foto from the newspaper Expressen)

May the best European country win (weirdly including Australia too when it comes to this music competition). Australia is really good this year!!! But Sweden’s Frans is the best❣ with his “If I were sorry” 

Just love the song from last year though (the reason to why Sweden is hosting the event this year) “Heroe” with Måns Zelmerlöw 😍