BBQ ☀️ season

Summer is in Sweden as in many other countries the time when everything is cooked on the grill. Today is no exception (since the sun is shining the grill is out).

Lemon chicken (grilled whole on indirect heat), just squeeze a lemon over the raw chicken, add salt, pepper, garlic and any other favorite spice you might have all over the bird. Grill for about two hours (check the temperature close to the drumstick bone).

Only half of it left by the time I remembered to take s photo 😃


Swedish meatballs

The most famous of all Swedish dishes is probably meatballs and potatoes (boiled or mashed) with a cream sauce and lingonberry jam. Every IKEA serve it as standard food. But homemade is the best!!! Especially if it is made from moose😉

IKEA’s meatballs 👍

There is no standard recipe, everyone has their own way of making meatballs, but the most common ingredients are:

Minced meat (beef), chopped onions, breadcrumbs (half a cup or so, some also add half a cup of full cream), an egg to bind it together, salt and pepper. Mix it and form small balls, fry them in butter and put them in a bowl. Pour half a cup of water into the frying pan (don’t clean it), add a cup of full cream, a few drops of soy sauce and let it simmer for a while. Taste it and add salt/pepper. Put the meatballs in the sauce to warm them up. Serve with boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam.

Happy summer solstice / midsummer ❣❣

Celebrating like always with a buffet (pickled herring, This years potatoes, bbq, rhubarb pie and custard) and soon the mandatory strawberry cake🍓🍓🍓🍰 And a lot of beverages and "nubbe" 😉👍😁

The whole day is about being with your family and friends, food and games. So now a game of good old fashioned "kubb" (wooden pieces you throw a stick at and try to get to the king before your opponent/s. 😎 And the summer sun will never set (in the north it never sets in the summer, you have midnight sun).☀️

Graduation 🎉🍾

This week is a graduation week for many senior high schools/ upper secondary schools. Nice weather to celebrate in (lots and lots of parties, and probably a lot of alcoholic beverages too…). Birch twigs, blue and yellow balloons, flags, ribbons, strawberries, proms, songs, farewells with tears and laughter, food and white dresses / dark suits … are just a few of the ingredients in the festivities surrounding the end of 13 years in school.