Time for apple pie 

Homegrown apples make the perfect pies! My favorite pie is the type with the typical Swedish “crumb” crust (although I really like the pie with crust and lid as well). Served with a thick rich custard, or vanilla ice cream.

For the crumble mix flour, oatmeal, butter, vanilla sugar and a little sugar. Mix it well and sprinkle it on top of the cut apples.

Add some cinnamon and maybe a bit of syrup on top. Then bake it!


Mud cake day (kladdkakans dag)

  Today it’s mud cake day 😜 (some time ago I posted a recipe (my favorite), and today I will post another one. It’s also possible to have different toppings on i.e. marshmallow, butterscotch, chocolate etc. You serve it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

4 oz butter (melt or use liquid)

2 large eggs (or 3 small)

1 cup sugar

2/3 cup flour

1 tbsp vanilla sugar 

1 pinch of salt

4 tbsp cocoa powder (non-sweetened)

Mix it all in s mixing bowl and pour into a greased 8inch pan. Bake it 302 F for approximately 30 minutes (you don’t want to bake it through, then it is over baked). Some ovens might need more time and some less!

Have a nice mud cake day (kladdkakans dag)

Ice cream 🍨🍧🍦

Swedes generally eat a lot of ice cream during the spring and summer. 360 tons are expected to be eaten in Sweden this summer according to a study Arla (milk and dairy company) refers to. The most common flavors are vanilla and chocolate closely followed by pecan, licorice, strawberry and pistachio.

Here is one of my home made favorites (only three ingredients and no ice cream machine needed):

Nutella ice cream

1 cup full cream

1/2 or a bit more of Nutella (depends on how deep a flavor you want)

2-3 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

Whip the cream until you can form small peaks, add Nutella and the condensed milk and fold it in. Pour into icicle forms or a bowl or tin. Put in the freezer. When frozen enjoy!