Spring / early summer 😎

It’s amazing, every year around this time (or a bit earlier) the birds have their babies and the trees come to life. The sun is shining and the air is warm. I just love it! The best thing is looking forward to the summer. Unfortunately during summer we tend to have long (almost never ending) lists with things to do, so we forget to enjoy the season we’ve been waiting for…


The Right of Public Access

In Sweden there is a special right for everyone to freely roam the forests, pick berries and mushrooms, and use the beaches. It is called “Allemansrätten” = The right of Public Access. 

It gives you the freedom to walk across fields and pastures as long as you don’t damage anything and close whatever gates you might open to get in. If there are cattle where you cross you are not to disturb them either. 

When out in the nature you have to make sure you don’t disturb too much,  if you make a fire don’t use living wood (use sticks from the ground if you don’t have fire wood with you). 

It is also allowed to camp For one night almost everywhere (not in people’s gardens though), then you can set  camp in another location and so on. Great way to spend your vacation!!