Gooseberry compote 

4 cups water, 2-3 cups gooseberries, 4-8 tbsp sugar (depending on how sweet you want it) let it boil until the berries are all soft and mash them a little. Add 3 tbsp potato starch mixed with a little cold water (or more depending on which texture you’re after), bring it to a boil and let it simmer a minute or two. Let it cool a little and serve it (I like it quite cold with some cream and milk over), a perfect reminder of summer 😊

Probably tastes great with some vanilla ice cream as well !


Popcorn and milk

Yesterday I was going to buy popcorn and there were rows and rows of different flavours (in Orlando, FL). In Sweden there are two, salted or buttered (and not the butter oil they pump over the popcorn bowl, it is more like a flavoured salt usually).
To me caramel or any other kind of sweet popcorn is just wierd… I love the bacon cheddar flavour though!!!! 🙂