Swedish National Day !

A free day!!! And the Swedish national day, the 6th of June is celebrated all over the country and in many places with a BBQ.


BBQ ☀️ season

Summer is in Sweden as in many other countries the time when everything is cooked on the grill. Today is no exception (since the sun is shining the grill is out).

Lemon chicken (grilled whole on indirect heat), just squeeze a lemon over the raw chicken, add salt, pepper, garlic and any other favorite spice you might have all over the bird. Grill for about two hours (check the temperature close to the drumstick bone).

Only half of it left by the time I remembered to take s photo 😃



This is a very common type of meat on the Swedish BBQ (or at least it used to be, but still common). It is called “Flintastek” (=Flintstone steak), a thick slice from the ham with bone and everything. Not a very expensive piece of meat and perfect when you are many (they are always big…). Usually served with a side of salads.