Black currant leaf lemonade 🍃

Put 13 cups of fresh black currant leafs in a big bowl (or small bucket) add 2 tbsp citric acid 4 lbs sugar and 12 cups of boiling water 3 sliced lemons (if you want some color also add 2-4 cups of black currants). 

Stir well so the sugar is dissolved and let it rest in a cool place (make sure the lemons are covered) for three days. 

Pour it into bottles or small plastic bags and store in the freezer. When you want to drink it just take one out and let it melt then dilute it with water. Some like just a hint others want their lemonade stronger 😀 



Black currant jelly

One of the first jars of black currant jelly for this year. 😊👍 This will be soooo good with steak this winter!

Let berries boil about 20 minutes with a little bit of water (approximately 5 cups black currants and 1/2 cup water), then drain the juice from the berries. Bring the juice to a boil with sugar (depending on how sweet you want it approximately 1 cup sugar for one cup juice, I sometimes take a little bit less), 1/2 to 1 minute. You might also need to add something extra to make the jelly get its form (if the berries are picked very early in the season you might not need it) it differs a bit from product to product so read the instructions. I sometimes use pectin or jelly sugar.