Swedish National Day !

A free day!!! And the Swedish national day, the 6th of June is celebrated all over the country and in many places with a BBQ.


Graduation đŸŽ‰đŸŸ

This week is a graduation week for many senior high schools/ upper secondary schools. Nice weather to celebrate in (lots and lots of parties, and probably a lot of alcoholic beverages too…). Birch twigs, blue and yellow balloons, flags, ribbons, strawberries, proms, songs, farewells with tears and laughter, food and white dresses / dark suits … are just a few of the ingredients in the festivities surrounding the end of 13 years in school. 

Christmas Eve – time to celebrate

In Sweden Christmas Eve is the day of celebration, today families and close friends gather to eat, watch Disney at three pm, eat, drink, unwrap gifts and eat some more;-)

Three o’clock is a magic time 🙂 then everyone (all ages) sit around the television for an hour to watch a medley of Disney clips (i.e. Snow White, Ferdinand, Robin Hood, Micky mouse, Cinderella etc.)

For dinner most people eat a buffet with pickled herring, egg, ham, many types of cold meat and salmon, meatballs, potato gratin with anchovies, salads etc (many of the dishes are the same as on Midsummer).

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!


Swedish midsummer party !!! Friday June 20th

Although it was a couple of weeks ago it feels wrong to start a blog about Swedish food culture on any other note than the Swedish midsummer celebration…. Known to non Swedes as an evening when the sun never sets, everyone has flowers in their hair and the alcohol is flowing….
This however is not the full truth about the holiday.

It is true that it never gets dark (although the sun is only seen in the northern parts at night, during the summer), we do have a lot of flowers, a May pole, music/singing, dancing, social games and usually some alcohol (of course some drink more than others).

BUT the most important ingredient to the midsummer celebration is the food! It is very common with a buffé (a smörgÄsbord) including different kinds of pickled herring, sour cream with chives, egg halves, anchovi/potato gratain, potatos with dill, smoked, poached and/or cured salmon (lax) with sauces, cold meat (ham, turkey, elk, deer etc.) and sausages, potato sallad, BBQ, salads, strawberry cake and some kind of pie (in my family always rubarb) with custard.