Spring / early summer 😎

It’s amazing, every year around this time (or a bit earlier) the birds have their babies and the trees come to life. The sun is shining and the air is warm. I just love it! The best thing is looking forward to the summer. Unfortunately during summer we tend to have long (almost never ending) lists with things to do, so we forget to enjoy the season we’ve been waiting for…


Early but rainy summer and nettle soup

During late spring/ early summer (and I sometimes pick the tops later as well) one tasty soup ingredient is the nettle!

Got a message with a photo of nettle soup with bacon (apple smoked) and egg today.  

Photo: Jörgen Larsson

 I sometimes have poached eggs and creme fraiche with it, haven’t tried with bacon yet. But this made me really hungry. I think I’ll pick some nettles tomorrow, they are everywhere by now (even though May has been super rainy and actually quite cold, even for Sweden) 😉 between +9 C (48F) to +15 C (52F)

A simple nettle soup

Approximately 1 l (roughly 4 cups) of nettles (rinse and boil, drain and mix) add stock until you get the thickness you want. Season and put your chopped or poached eggs in (I usually poach my eggs in the soup) and serve with creme fraiche 

Bon appetite!!

Happy Easter = Glad Påsk 

 Glad (pronounced with a long a as in armour) Påsk (the å is pronounced a bit like the O in lock)

 During Easter Swedes eat a lot of eggs (a newspaper wrote 2000 tons, and the total population is only around 9,3 millions….). But not only ordinary eggs are common, a very common gift is an Easter egg which is a paper or plastic egg filled with candy (the sizes vary from 3 inches to 2 feet).

Other common food is cured salmon, roasted lamb, pickled herring (or any other food you will find on a normal Swedish buffet, just like on Midsummer). The big difference is that you find painted/colorful eggs and a lot of yellow (i.e. yellow marzipan on the cake etc).

There is also a tradition to have decorated Easter twigs with feathers and eggs or small witches.

For children it is all about dressing up (often like a witch or monster), walk around the neighborhood to give away paintings called Easter letters and receive candy  (a bit like trick-or-treating).

Easter is mostly about having a few days off from work (the holiday is from Friday to Monday) and spending it with your family. Some visit church to attend mass, not many (but a few more than just a regular Sunday).



I pimped the twigs this Easter by spraying copper paint on them.