Gooseberry compote 

4 cups water, 2-3 cups gooseberries, 4-8 tbsp sugar (depending on how sweet you want it) let it boil until the berries are all soft and mash them a little. Add 3 tbsp potato starch mixed with a little cold water (or more depending on which texture you’re after), bring it to a boil and let it simmer a minute or two. Let it cool a little and serve it (I like it quite cold with some cream and milk over), a perfect reminder of summer 😊

Probably tastes great with some vanilla ice cream as well !


Crawfish / crayfish season!!!! = party

This (mid August) is the season for the Swedish crawfish. A few years ago this was a big event and you couldn’t get them except this time of year. For many this is a good excuse to party and get a bit drunk.

Those who do not fish their own usually buy Turkish or Chineese (because Swedish are really expensive). They are cooked in water (for 20 living crawfish use about 2,5 L) which has boiled for some time with 1 dl salt and about 20 dill tops (it is possible to use normal dill or seeds as well), make sure the water never stops to boil while you put the animals in. After about 5 minutes put 5-10 lumps (5-10 tsp) of sugar into the water and after another 5 minutes pour a bottle of beer over. Let it boil approx. 10 minutes and take it off the heat. Cool it as quickly as possible (maybe in cold water), but don’t put any water in the pot!
Let them stay covered in the cooled cooking water until the next day, then you can either eat them or put them in the freezer (cover them with their water).

When the crawfish are eaten they are served with a buffé. Pies made with strong cheese (Västerbotten) or chantarellas, bread with dill and other types, different sauces (i.e. with sourcream and row, chili, lemon, lime mayo etc.), cheese and butter.
And most people drink a lot of beer (some white wine) and vodka shots!

Good luck with your own crawfish party! 🙂